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Digitalisation in the construction sector

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FIEC - European Construction Industry Federation and EFBWW - European Federation of Building and Woodworkers


FIEC together with EFBWW is organising a workshop as part of the joint EU-funded project DESOCO 2. 

The meeting will focus on “Digitalisation in the construction sector” divided in 3 sessions on:

* Exploring the use and consequences of new tools (AI, …) on work organisation/on workplaces.

* The impact of digitalisation on health and safety at work. 

* Upskilling and reskilling to enable the digital transition. 

Emmanuelle Brun, Senior Research Project Manager at EU-OSHA, will contribute with the view of EU-OSHA for the second session: The impact of digitalisation on health and safety at work. a theme of outmost importance in the new Campaign 'Safe and Healthy Work in the Digital Age'.