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Chemical Safety at Work - Do you know the chemicals you use?

Many different chemicals are used at workplaces, and work processes can release a variety of harmful substances that are hazardous to the health that the risks posed. Chemicals may be harmful to health or the environment or may be associated with fire and explosion hazards.

In our training, you will hear the major issue of chemical safety at the workplace. There is a wide range of information on, for example, the chemical safety law, the use of safety data sheets, chemical risk assessment, and the Stoffenmanager tool.
Who is our chemical safety training suitable for?

Our training is suitable for people who want to improve occupational safety and health at work with chemicals. Our selection includes training for the employees of the job vacancies, occupational safety and health authorities, occupational health care specialists and supervisors.
Examples of our chemical safety training

    All material safety data sheet
    Assessment of health risks of chemicals in occupational health care
    Chemical safety at the workplace
    Occupational risks in the rotary economy

We also teach in Swedish.
Training tailored to your needs

We organize more than 300 training sessions annually. You will find easily accessible training for all of you through our training calendar. Sign up today!

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Handling Chemicals
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Workers representatives

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