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Nouvelles SST

Forthcoming courses in the field of occupational safety and health

The Nordic Institute for Advanced Training in Occupational Health (NIVA) is organising new courses in 2017.

The course on Lean and the Work Environment will take place from 3rd to 6th of April 2017 in Copenhagen. It will consist of a mix of lectures and discussions on the role of lean, the work environment and sustainable production processes in practical lean implementation or the participant’s research projects.

The course on implementing and evaluating organizational interventions will be organized in Reykjavik from 3rd to 5th of May 2017. Participants will be introduced to process evaluation including relevant frameworks, data collection and analysis. An important part of the course is the knowledge on how such information can be used to successfully plan, develop and implement organizational interventions.

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Lean and the Work Environment

Implementing and evaluating organizational interventions