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ANSES draws attention to the health effects associated with the blue light of LEDs

Recent updates by ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety) on the health effects of LED lights indicate possible harmful implications arising from blue light. Exposure in the evening or at night, particularly through screens, can cause a disruption to sleep and biological rhythm, as well as harm the retina.

Over the last decades, the use of LEDs in people’s domestic and working environment has grown strongly due to their energy-efficient performance. A high proportion of LED lamps has large variations in light intensity, making certain groups of people, such as children, adolescents and workers, more susceptible to potential effects on their well-being: headaches, visual fatigue or risk of accidents.

ANSES recommends measures to limit the exposure to blue light, for instance reducing temporal modulation of LED sources or substitution with "warm white" lighting.

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