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Job Vacancies


The Agency is looking for a candidate with a solid background in administration and resource management to lead a unit of approximately 12 staff members. As a ‘knowledge’ organisation, it is essential that EU-OSHA is able to recruit highly qualified staff and offer them a supportive, learning environment that  allows them to realise their potential and make a visible contribution to the Agency’s mission. As a member of the Agency’s management group, the jobholder will oversee all aspects of organisational resources and provision of services at the Agency, and contribute to developing, implementing and monitoring strategies, policies, rules and administrative processes in line with the Agency’s mission and objectives as well as the EU regulations, conditions and internal control standards.

The vacancy notice is available in the 23 EU official languages. Candidates are requested to complete their application in the main working language of the Agency, which is English.

Applications must be sent to by no later than 04/09/2017 at 13h00 noon, Central European Time (CET).

Date limite: 
04/09/2017 - 13:00