Tuki- ja liikuntaelinsairauksia koskevat käytännön työkalut ja ohjeet

Jotta tuki- ja liikuntaelinsairauksien riskien arviointi ja hallinta työpaikoilla olisi vaivatonta, helppokäyttöinen tietokantamme tarjoaa monenlaisia EU:ssa ja kansallisella tasolla kehitettyjä käytännön työvälineitä ja ohjeita.

Aineistot käsittävät tapaustutkimuksia ja visuaalista materiaalia, ja ne kattavat laajasti useita sektoreita, vaaran tyyppejä ja ennalta ehkäiseviä toimenpiteitä. Osa aineistosta on tarkoitettu erityisesti tietyille toimijoille, kuten työnantajille, työntekijöille tai johtajille, ja osa on tarkoitettu tuki- ja liikuntaelinsairauksien hallintaan tietyissä työntekijäryhmissä. Aineistoja voidaan suodattaa kaikkien näiden tai monien muiden erilaisten kategorioiden mukaan, joten hakemansa löytäminen on todella helppoa.

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Visual resources Guides & Tools Saksa German
Provider (English)
AGR (German Healthy Back Campaign Association)
Provider (Original)
AGR Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.

AGR (German Healthy Back Campaign Association) developped together with the Confederation of German Back Schools (KddR) a mix of stretching, strengthening exercises as well as exercises to improve coordination in order to prevent back pain and to reduce existing backproblems. The website shows...

Visual resources Saksa German
Provider (English)
German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the administrative sector - VBG
Provider (Original)
Verwaltungsberufsgenossenschaft - VBG

This leaflet provides exercises for office workers and workers who use display screens and sit for a long time. The leaflet provide in addition tips on how to adjust the office chair ergonomically.

Guides & Tools Saksa German
Provider (English)
BARMER health insurance
Provider (Original)

The health insurance BARMER published that guidance to help you to increase your physical fitness through activities and exercises - that is fun and in addition you will profit from more fitness not only at work. You will find a trainings catalogue to train your back, but also tips on how to stay...

Guides & Tools Itävalta German
Provider (English)
Austrian Social Accident Insurance AUVA
Provider (Original)
Österreichische Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt AUVA

A lack of exercise and working conditions with non-ergonomic postures can lead to musculoskeletal diseases (MSDs). This booklet presents simple exercises, that can be performed at your workplace or at home without any equipment tools and hassle. The exercises help you to activate the cardiovascular...

Visual resources Tšekki Czech
Provider (English)
Clinic for physical therapy
Provider (Original)

Many chronic back pains are caused by faulty posture and improper handling of loads. This manual describes how the loads should be handled correctly to avoid overloading and back pain. The website also shows examples of exercise for back, shoulder, elbow and knee pain.

Guides & Tools Sveitsi German , French , Italian
Provider (English)
Swiss Accident Insurance Fund - SUVA
Provider (Original)
Schweizerische Unfallversicherungsanstalt - SUVA

Most back injuries result from improper lifting. Protect your back by practicing proper lifting and carrying techniques.This brochure shows you correct lifting and carrying techniques. With pictures and information you will learn how to safely lift and carry loads.

Visual resources Guides & Tools Itävalta German
Provider (English)
Austrian General Accident Insurance Organisation AUVA
Provider (Original)
Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt - AUVA

Lifting and carrying heavy objects put a strain on the musculoskeletal system. Manual handling and awkward working postures may result in serious injuries of the intervertebral disc. This brochure shows you how to handle loads to minimise manual handling risks. You will also find compensatory...