Solutions to reduce stress in occupational maintenance
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Solutions to reduce stress in occupational maintenance

Keywords:Stressi ja psykososiaaliset riskit

Workers performing maintenance tasks are frequently exposed to hazards at work that lead to stress. This kind of stress is mainly caused by ergonomic risks and time pressure, although other risks indirectly associated with maintenance activities may also contribute to stress.
The objective of the project was to prevent stress and reduce the workers’ exposure to the types of hazards that lead to work-related stress. It aimed to increase awareness of risk factors that might cause stress and prevent its negative effects on health and safety among maintenance workers and their managers. Ways of approaching the reduction of such risk factors were to be discussed among maintenance workers and responsible managers.
A risk-reduction workshop was run by the accident prevention and insurance association for the metal working industry (“Berufsgenossenschaft Metall Nord Süd”).

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