Dental laboratory — capturing pollutants at source
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Dental laboratory — capturing pollutants at source

Keywords:Campaña 2018-2019, Sustancias peligrosas

Dental laboratory technicians were exposed to numerous pollutants that could cause occupational diseases, including silicosis which is the fibrosis of the lung caused by the inhaled silica dusts. Silica exposure could happen during the preparation of moulds, sanding of parts and when performing finishing operations. Dusts of cobalt, chromium, nickel and methyl methacrylate vapours were additional risks. The previously used equipment had a filtration system incorporated in the polishing and sanding machines which filtered the dust discharging the filtered air into the laboratory. This system was subject to numerous leaks and there was a risk of remaining dust in the air discharged. The CPAM laboratory management wanted to eliminate the health risks for dental laboratory technicians by capturing the pollutants at source.

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