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FR - Burn out – fact-finding mission report adopted by the Social Affairs Commission in France

During the debate on the Social Dialogue and Employment in 2015 legislation in 2015 and 2016, amendments, backed by many MPs, proposed to include burnout into the list of occupational diseases and integrate it into the existing compensation system. This proposal was not accepted; as a result of these debates, the Bureau of the Committee on Social Affairs of the National Assembly decided to set up an information mission. In 37 public hearings, the voices of victim associations, mental health professionals, psychiatrists and psychologists, representatives of trade unions and employers' organizations, public bodies and sectoral social dialogue were gathered. The report presents the available figures, while recalling that establishing the prevalence of burnout must be part of a very rigorous methodology.

The Minister of Social Affairs and Health, instructed the High Authority for Health (HAS) on 27 April 2016 to "draw up recommendations of good practice for occupational physicians and general practitioners on the identification, prevention and the management of burnout. The report provides a short analysis of changes in work organisation (e.g. the impact of open space, irregular working times, etc.) and managerial styles as well as professional training of managers and career paths as well as presenting figures on prevalence and costs. It concludes with 27 recommendations ranging from the establishment of an observatory and the recognition of occupational diseases to rights of workers´ representatives and training of middle management.

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