Musculoskeletal diseases

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Musculoskeletal diseases

Trouble musculosquelettique

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Health Insurance - Occupational risks department
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L'Assurance Maladie - Risques Professionnels


TMS Pros is a simple and practical approach aimed directly at enterprises. It proposes to make it possible to prevent permanently MSDs at workplaces. These 4 steps addresses these straightforward questions: What does that have to do with me? Where to start? How to act? What results for my company? At each step, TMS Pro provides tools that will enable you to define prevention actions adapted to your company's situation. TMS Pros also includes a special offer for SMEs (between 1 and 49 employees), it is called TMS Pros Diagnosti. It is a financial aid to identify and control MSD hazards. 

Les Troubles Musculo-Squelettiques (TMS) touchent de multiples entreprises de tous secteurs d’activité. Comme tout autre risque professionnel, le risque TMS doit être évalué. TMS Pros est une démarche simple et pratique qui, en 4 étapes, permet de prévenir durablement leur apparition dans votre entreprise. Ce programme inclut des aides financières pour aider les entreprises à entreprendre une démarche de prévention.


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