Manual of good preventive practices against ergonomic risks in the chemical sector

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Manual of good preventive practices against ergonomic risks in the chemical sector

Manual de buenas prácticas preventivas ante riesgos ergonómicos en el sector químico

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Biomechanic institute
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Instituto de Biomecánica


This manual is the result of a project whose main objective is to promote the culture of prevention through information, training and awareness-raising among companies in the chemical sector in relation to the risks arising from ergonomic working conditions. This manual aims to cover the following objectives: To elaborate materials that cover the lack of specific information on ergonomics in the chemical industry; to assess the incidence of ergonomic problems in the chemical industry sector; to characterize the jobs in the sector, in relation to the demands that may cause ergonomic risks; to encourage the participation of workers and employers through the proposal of preventive measures and solutions that promote safe behaviours and attitudes. It includes pictures and drawings to illustrate the work situations.


El presente manual es el resultado de un proyecto cuyo objetivo principal es el de promover la cultura de la prevención mediante la información, formación y sensibilización a las empresas del sector químico en relación con los riesgos derivados de las condiciones ergonómicas de trabajo.


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