Healthy hands for manual work - the hypothenar Hammer Syndrome

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Healthy hands for manual work - the hypothenar Hammer Syndrome

Gesunde Hände für gutes Handwerk - Hypothenar and Thenar-Hammer-Syndrom

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Guides & Tools


Provider (English)
Professional association for wood and metal
Provider (Original)
Berufsgenossenschaft Holz und Metall


This leaflet focuses on Hypothenar Hammner Syndrome and what to do if you have similar complaints.  It is designed for workers in both the wood and metal industry, but it's principles can be used in other sectors as well.


Diese Broschüre befasst sich mit dem Hypothenar-Hammner-Syndrom und was zu tun ist, wenn Sie ähnliche Beschwerden haben. Es ist für Arbeiter in der Holz- und Metallindustrie konzipiert, aber seine Prinzipien können auch in anderen Sektoren angewendet werden.

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Sector / Indrustry covered
Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting materials
Manufacture of basic metals
Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
Awkward postures
Forceful movements
Manual handling of loads
Repetitive movements/work
Health effects
Upper limb disorders
Worker groups covered (vulnerable groups etc.)
All (no specific group)
Sufferer of an MSK disorder or disease
Prevention measures
Elimination of hazards
Improving individual working techniques (e.g manual handling postures)
Simple tips and measures
Adjustments/support for chronic MSD disorder/disease/pain suffers
Purpose of the material
Target audience
All (no specific target audience)
Priority area
Chronic conditions