The early childhood sector is looking at its problems

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The early childhood sector is looking at its problems

Le secteur de la petite enfance se penche sur ses maux

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This case study looks at the problems faced in nurseries. Indeed, It is not uncommon for nursery staff to suffer from low back problems, often the cause of significant absenteeism. In Strasbourg, in the Bas-Rhin, the two nurseries of the Stenger Bachmann foundation have been working for several years to prevent musculoskeletal disorders with encouraging results. A new organization of services with groups of children of mixed ages has recently been established. It highlights greater availability to meet the staggered needs of children and the desire to create competition within the group, with more varied tasks for professionals. But it also requires finding its marks.

Il n’est pas rare que le personnel des crèches souffre de problèmes lombaires, souvent à l’origine d’un absentéisme important. À Strasbourg, dans le Bas-Rhin, les deux multi-accueils Douane de la fondation Stenger Bachmann travaillent depuis plusieurs années à la prévention des troubles musculosquelettiques. Avec des résultats encourageants.

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