Case studies on how to prevent MSDs in companies

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Case studies on how to prevent MSDs in companies


Type of item
Case study


Provider (English)
Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.
Provider (Original)
Ministerie van SZW


Physically demanding work can have nasty consequences for the body of an employee. There are many different ways to deal with physically demanding work. In these case stories about people who have been in contact with physically demanding work tell how they have dealt with it.

Fysiek belastend werk kan nare gevolgen hebben voor het lichaam van een werknemer. Er zijn veel verschillende manieren om om te gaan met fysiek belastend werk. Lees in deze praktijkverhalen over mensen die in aanraking zijn geweest met fysiek belastend werk en hoe zij hier mee om zijn gegaan.

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Other data

Awkward postures
Fast-paced work
Forceful movements
Long hours
Manual handling of loads
Poor work organisation
Repetitive movements/work
Static postures - sitting
Static postures - standing
Using Display Screen Equipment
Health effects
MSDs unspecified
Worker groups covered (vulnerable groups etc.)
All (no specific group)
Prevention measures
Elimination of hazards
Improving individual working techniques (e.g manual handling postures)
Worker participation
Reducing/minimising the risk by organisational measures, e.g. reducing the number of workers exposed, job rotation
Purpose of the material
General information
Target audience
All (no specific target audience)
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Facts and figures