Napo in ... safe start: Attention listen up!

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The film shows a worker not listening to the fire safety instructions and not knowing how to behave as a fire starts at his workplace. The fim shows that it is important that workers are aware of all possible escape routes and emergency procedures.

The Napo series of films are produced using computer graphics. They feature characters from the world of work faced with safety issues. The main character, Napo, and his partners express themselves through wordless actions. Their stories have an educational value. They provoke questions and stimulate debate on specific aspects of safety at work. Sometimes they provide practical solutions or lead to them. This film is designed to raise awareness of the issues faced by young people starting a new type of job or starting work in a new workplace. Napo is an ideal way to reach a young audience, especially young people in training or work experience. The film is also suitable for all new entrants to the labour market, including migrant and temporary workers.

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European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
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Fire and explosion
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