MiXie (France)

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The effects of exposure to different chemicals, each of which is below its upper limit, may combine and pose a risk to workers. MiXie is a tool that provides support for assessing the potentially additive effects of chemicals. Over 100 chemical compounds with French eight-hour occupational exposure limit values are in the database; the chemicals are grouped according to their toxicological effects. After the workplace measurement data is input into the tool, its calculations can reveal if there exists in the workplace a combination of exposures that may present a health risk through one or more toxicological effects.

The Canadian version(which utilises Canadian occupational exposure limit values and features a different set of compounds) is also available in English.

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Sector / Industry covered: 
Not sector specific
INRS — National institute of research and security
Purpose of the material: 
Risk assessment
Target group: 
Occupational health physician
OSH consultant
Safety officers

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