Healthy skin and wet work - how to avoid eczema

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The booklet provides a number of tips to help avoiding skin problems in daily life. It also indicates what occupations have particularly high risks of developing skin problems.
The brochure describes hand eczema as a frequent occupational disease that affects younger people in particular. Jobs with frequent needs of washing hands, wearing gloves or cominge into contact with food and detergents are stressful to the skin. 
Different types of symptoms are described, like the skin becomes dry, red and itchy. Among the reasons of eczema are contact with substances that are directly harmful to the skin, such as soap and detergents. However, eczema may also occur because of an allergy to, for example, perfume or preservatives.

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Arbejdsmiljøweb — the website of the employer association of the welfare and public administration sectors
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Arbejdsmiljøweb - hjemmeside for Branche Fællesskabet for Arbejdsmiljø for Velfærd og Offentlig administration
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