Hungary — ‘STEP: Take a step for your health’ (MOL Plc)
09/03/2016 Type: Case studies 5 pages

Hungary — ‘STEP: Take a step for your health’ (MOL Plc)

Keywords:Ageing and OSH, Campaign 2016-2017

MOL is one of Hungary’s largest employers and is considered a leader in sustainable employment. Since 2007, the STEP programme has aimed to reduce workplace accidents and sickness absence and retain older workers in employment. A steering committee (comprising management and workers) coordinates the company-wide programme. Occupational health services assess each worker’s health and design an individual health plan, with measures such as workplace adaptations, training or promoting physical activity. Local teams promote health initiatives on site, such as healthy eating and stop-smoking campaigns. An evaluation showed that there is an increasing number of participants in the programme, sickness absence is below 2 %, there has been a reduction of cardiovascular disease by 5 %, and there is an improved health culture among the workers. Success factors include the integration of health promotion into company strategy, stakeholder involvement, the diversity of measures undertaken and clear communication. Challenges were experienced with changing the working culture and insufficient financing for the programme. The programme is transferable, as, despite its comprehensive nature, measures are tailored to the individual worker.

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