Germany — Audi voluntary medical check-ups
09/03/2016 Type: Case studies 3 pages

Germany — Audi voluntary medical check-ups

Keywords:Ageing and OSH, Campaign 2016-2017

Since 2006, the Audi AG health programme has been part of the long-term human resources (HR) strategy of the organisation. The programme helps identify health risks and develop appropriate interventions at an early stage. Employees are entitled to voluntary medical checks — every five years for under-45s and every three years for over-45s. The aggregated data is analysed to identify health risks and necessary changes in work process and organisation to protect employees’ physical and mental health. Medical checks are comprehensive, with employees recommended to participate in health initiatives provided by Audi health insurance. Individual issues that are identified trigger individual interventions. The programme is ongoing, with an annual budget. Medical check participation stands at 90% across all workers. There is an indication of reduced likelihood of heart attack and stroke owing to the programme. Success factors include the ease of access for employees, the targeting of all workers, the improvements at both the individual and the collective levels and the systematic approach. The programme is transferable, although external support might be needed in the areas of medical checks and data analysis.

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