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Executive Summary - Foresight Study on the Circular Economy and its effects on Occupational Safety and Health


Phase 1: Macro-scenarios

The transition to a circular economy (CE) is fundamental to the EU’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, while at the same time creating sustainable growth and quality jobs.

EU-OSHA’s foresight project considers how different sectors may be affected by efforts to implement a CE up to 2040, and the consequences this could have for occupational safety and health.

This report — phase 1 of the project — employs four future scenarios as a starting point to discuss both the potential risks and opportunities. Special focus is given to the effects of digitalisation, (a key enabler of the shift to a CE, and the impact on the waste sector, which will have a critical role in any future CE.

Work on the scenarios will continue in Phase 2 of this project, which centres on the dissemination and tailoring of the scenarios via stakeholder dialogue and workshops.

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