E-fact 25 - Managing psychosocial risks in HORECA
11/01/2008 Type: E-facts 6 pages

E-fact 25 - Managing psychosocial risks in HORECA

Keywords:Accident prevention, HORECA, OSH and young people, Psychosocial risks and stress, Women and OSH

This E-Fact examines the psychosocial risk factors present in the hotel, restaurant and catering (HORECA) sector and offers methods to tackle them. Psychosocial risk factors are linked to the way work is organised and to the mental demands of that work. Conflicting demands, lack of control over work and lack of support from colleagues or supervisors are all significant risk factors. Long working hours, often at night and over the weekend, put strain on HORECA workers. Contact with difficult customers can lead to stress and even harassment or violence. Tackling psychosocial risks may involve risk assessment, training and changes to the way work is organised.

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