Austria - Fit for the Future programme
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Austria - Fit for the Future programme

Keywords:Ageing and OSH, Campaign 2016-2017

In 2008, the Austrian government, in conjunction with the social partners, launched its Fit for the Future (Fit für die Zukunft) programme. Fit for the Future aimed to maintain employability through fostering and preserving work ability, while also reducing the number of invalidity pensions.
The Fit for the Future programme was developed by the AUVA (Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt – the Austrian Workers' Compensation Board). 20 companies of varying size participated, from eight different sectors (construction, trade, metal, hotel sector, cleaning/waste, transport, health, and post logistics). The programme consisted of awareness-raising workshops, interventions in companies, and dissemination of results. Cooperation with social partner organisations was critical in the success of the programme.
Following Fit for the Future, a nationwide network of occupational health counselling centres was established since January 2013. This new initiative, called fit2work aims to maintain and improve work ability and prevent chronic illness.

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