Actions by labour and social security inspectorates for the improvement of occupational safety and health in platform work


Digital platform work presents challenges to labour and occupational safety and health (OSH) regulations as well as their monitoring and enforcement. These have implications for the work of labour and social security inspectorates, and for platform workers regarding their status and conditions of work.

This case study offers insights into the roles and actions of labour and social security inspectorates as regards OSH in relation to digital platform work. Through a closer look at nitiatives on the part of inspection services in Belgium, Spain and Poland, the report outlines lessons that can be learned from the issues these services have encountered as well as the strategies developed to tackle them.

The implications for policy, underlining key points related to core issues that remain, such as the ambiguous employment status of platform workers, are discussed. The importance of coordinated actions, awareness raising, and capacity building and training of inspectors are among the good practices which Member States can refer to as example.

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