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Supporting OiRA partners and reinforcing digital tools for micro & small companies


When major discussions on workplace health and safety are underway in the European Union, the 7th OiRA community meeting (Brussels, May 16 - 17, 2017) brings OiRA partners the opportunity to examine their challenges ahead, as well as interested parties outside of the community to exchange their views on the development and implementation of digital tools.

The event, which is organised by EU-OSHA in collaboration with the European Commission for the first time, consists of two distinct components. These include a meeting limited to the OiRA community members and a broadened conference addressed at new partners, researchers, potential OiRA intermediaries and future stakeholders to engage them to support microenterprises and SMEs through the use of digital tools. 

Micro and small companies play a vital role within the EU society and economy. Evidence show that the 92.4 % of EU businesses are classified as micro enterprises, representing 67.4 % of all jobs in Europe. Within this context, it is key to reinforce online interactive tools to help micro and small organisations through the risk assessment process.

OiRA partners will be looking at key issues to increase the impact of these tools, to maximise the added value of the OiRA community, as well as to better reach their target audience (MSEs). The topics range from the resource allocation (either politically and financially) and the adaptation of tools at the national level, to the assessment of their contribution to improve OSH standards.

The ongoing development of simple tools to facilitate compliance with legislation and foster a OSH culture is also mentioned in an array of EU and national strategic documents. In line with this, conference’s participants will be able to share information, knowledge and experiences on the development and implementation of these interactive risk assessment tools and strategically plan for the future. 

The 7th OiRA community meeting

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