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Shining a spotlight on safety and health of migrant workers on International Migrants Day 2022


© EU-OSHA / Rosca Bogdan

As 18 December marks International Migrants Day, we celebrate migrants’ resilience and their important contributions to host communities while highlighting the many safe and healthy challenges they face.

Migrant workers are often over-represented in so-called 3D jobs requiring manual, tiring and dangerous work often characterised by high intensity and pace.

Migrant  are more likely to work in low-income activities, poor-quality jobs and elementary occupations. They are also more likely to work fewer hours and in more precarious jobs than native workers, and are therefore more likely to experience job insecurity.

Find helpful resources to raise awareness of MSD-related occupational risks for migrant workers through the Worker Diversity priority area of the Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load campaign.