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OSHwiki article in the spotlight: Ergonomics in office work

Office work is diverse and although widely regarded as low risk environments, the large (and growing) proportion of employees within the EU who work in office environments means that a significant number of workers are potentially exposed to any risks to their health that might arise.

A new OSHwiki article highlights the risks and hazards facing office workers and categorises them into four major groups depending on their nature: postural problems, psychosocial factors, environment and the ones linked to intensity and design of the office.

Furthermore, the author includes concrete recommendations that can help to deal with, and to reduce risks and hazards at the office, such as the development of an organisational strategy and the conduction of risks assessments. A significant part of the article is dedicated to ergonomics good practices.

Written by Dr Richard Graveling from the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Edinburgh, and based on an EU-OSHA e-fact, the article also informs about the existing EU legislation. 

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