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OSHwiki article in the spotlight: digital platform work and OSH implications


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The digital transition is significantly transforming the European economic system, including the emergence of digital labour platforms as new market players. 

EU-OSHA´s approach to digital platform work puts the emphasis on those aspects that are more relevant to occupational safety and health (OSH).

Digital platform workers are exposed to the same risk factors as workers performing the same tasks in the traditional economy. However, such risk factors seem to be aggravated by the way platform work is organised. 

Exposure to physical risk factors depends on whether digital platform work is carried out on-location or online, whereas psychosocial risks and work-related stress is extensively reported in association to any type of platform work. 

Find more information on EU regulation and policy challenges in this OSHwiki article, and explore a wide range of other resources in the digital platform priority area of the “Safe and healthy work in the digital age” campaign.

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