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Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-2024 adopted – Call for applications and info day on 19 January!


The Work Programme includes calls for R&I activities, cofunded partnerships (COFUND) and Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs). The Health cluster is divided into six Destinations, focusing on a broad range of areas of importance for the future of health, such as prevention, diseases, environment and health, health systems, new technologies, and health industry.

Areas of interest include, under Destination 2 “Living and working in a health-promoting environment” the following calls:

HORIZON-HLTH-2023-ENVHLTH-02-01: Planetary health: understanding the links between environmental degradation and health impacts;
HORIZON-HLTH-2023-ENVHLTH-02-02: Evidence-based interventions for promotion of mental and physical health in changing working environments (post-pandemic workplaces);         
HORIZON-HLTH-2023-ENVHLTH-02-03: Health impacts of endocrine-disrupting chemicals: bridging science-policy gaps by addressing persistent scientific uncertainties;
HORIZON-HLTH-2023-ENVHLTH-02-04: Global coordination of exposome research;
HORIZON-HLTH-2024-ENVHLTH-02-06-two-stage: The role of environmental pollution in non-communicable diseases: air, noise and light and hazardous waste pollution.

And under Destination 4 “Ensuring access to innovative, sustainable and high-quality health care” the following call:

HORIZON-HLTH-2023-CARE-04-03: Environmentally sustainable and climate neutral health and care systems

An info day for cluster 1 will take place on 19 January, focusing on the 2023 topics - learn more and register for the Info Day here.

The Work Programme is available on the Funding & Tender portal, where you can also find the rules for applying and connect with other actors interested in the different calls.