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Honouring the contributions of migrant workers on International Migrants Day 2023


© F Armstrong Photo – stock.adobe.com

December 18th is International Migrants Day and this year’s theme is “Honouring the contributions of migrants and respecting their rights”. Almost ten million workers in Europe are 'non-EU citizens', many of them providing essential services to our society. As we acknowledge their contributions, we would also like to raise awareness on the safe and healthy challenges they face.

Migrant workers are often linked to low-income activities, poor-quality jobs and elementary occupations and experience more job insecurity than native workers. Ensuring their occupational safety and health is fundamental to respecting their rights. 

EU-OSHA's “Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2020-2022 Lighten the Load” has highlighted the impact of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) on a diverse workforce, including migrants in these resources:

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