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European Federation of Building and Woodworkers amplifies its campaign to limit subcontracting amid European elections



The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW), one of the official campaign partners of the Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2023-25 'Safe and healthy work in the digital age', has embarked on the second phase of its #limitsubcontracting initiative, strategically aligning it with the forthcoming European elections.  

Recognising the extensive issue of unfair treatment among construction workers within subcontracting chains across the European Union, the initiative aims to advocate for new regulations on subcontracting and their effective implementation.  

As highlighted by the current Healthy Workplaces Campaign, digitalisation presents numerous opportunities for enhancing occupational safety and health (OSH). Indeed, among the proposals put forward by EFBWW is the implementation of digital tools, enabling real-time access to data during inspections on construction sites. 

For this phase of the #limitsubcontracting initiative, various actions have been planned. Notably, a debate titled "Abusive subcontracting practices – Can the EU do more?" was held on 20 March at the European Parliament. It also encompasses engagements such as meetings with political groups and candidates for the EU elections at both EU and national levels, dialogues with workers and affiliates to underscore the importance of the EU elections and key demands, as well as an online petition active from 11 March until 1 December 2024. Furthermore, a thematic discussion is scheduled to take place at the EFBWW Executive Committee on 13 May 2024. 

For more details, read the position paper by EFBWW and visit the official website of the initiative.