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EU - Economic benefits of gender equality – EIGE report

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) presented its new report on the economic benefits of gender equality in the EU.

The study shows that if the EU stepped up its efforts to improve gender equality, more jobs would be created, GDP per capita would increase and society would be able to adjust better to the challenges related to the ageing population.

Key findings:

- improvements to gender equality would generate up to 10.5 million additional jobs in the EU by 2050, with about 70% of these jobs taken by women;
- the EU employment rate would reach almost 80%;
- the EU GDP per capita would also be positively affected and could increase up to nearly 10% by 2050;
- the level of economic benefits varies considerably across Member States, between 4% GDP increase and 10%;
- improved gender equality measures could also help address demographic challenges for the EU, generating higher fertility rates, a larger population and an increase in long-term labour supply.

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