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Empowering workplace safety voices through media partnership



EU-OSHA’s media partnership programme recognises media organisations as champions of safer and healthier workplaces, providing them with tools and connections to amplify their impact. It aims to foster a collaborative and knowledgeable occupational safety and health (OSH) media community throughout Europe.

The current network of media partners includes both returning and newly recruited outlets from various European countries such as Austria, Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Spain, Ireland, Estonia, Poland, North Macedonia, and more. Since joining, these partners have shown engagement through their editorial work, events and other out-of-the-box activities. In return, they receive exclusive press materials, updates, infographics, and the latest OSH data, available in 25 languages. They also benefit from extensive Healthy Workplaces Campaign promotional support to enhance their coverage. Twice annually, they are presented with never before shared editorials featuring insights from the EU-OSHA Executive Director, with the most recent one focusing on AI.

Partners have unique opportunities to interact with OSH professionals and stakeholders through interviews and round table discussions. The network encompasses national focal points (FOP), and official campaign partners, among others.  Several media partners have already engaged with EU-OSHA and national experts (e.g. Health & Safety Review's conversation with the Agency’s Executive Director or Proteger's exchange with the Head of the Portuguese FOP).

In addition to these perks, the media may take part in EU-OSHA events. Peer-to-peer interactions among media professionals are highly encourage via information sessions on the campaign priority areas and targeted gatherings. The next session with the Executive Director is foreseen in October.

For journalists and editors eager to elevate their OSH reporting, EU-OSHA continues to welcome new supporters and invites interested parties to explore the full details of the media partnership offer