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A Delegation from the European Parliament Employment and Social Affairs Committee visits EU-OSHA



William Cockburn, Interim Executive Director of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, welcomed Estrella Durá FerrandisMarianne Vind, and Margarita De La Pisa Carrión, MEPs from the Employment and Social Affairs Committee, to the Agency's offices.

During the two-day visit, discussions about governance and priorities of EU-OSHA, about tackling occupational cancer as well as musculoskeletal disorders took place. EU-OSHA explained MEPs how COVID-19 changed Europe’s workplaces and what was the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work response.

Further discussions focused on workplace health and safety in the context of digitalisation and on Online interactive Risk Assessment project (OiRA).

Finally, MEPs talked about preparations of the Occupational Safety and Health Summit taking place in May 2023 in Stockholm during the Swedish EU Council Presidency and they met with EU-OSHA staff.