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Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2022 highlights EU-OSHA's progress towards strategic objectives


EU-OSHA has released its Consolidated Annual Activity Report for 2022, showcasing its achievements in fostering occupational safety and health (OSH) in the European Union. Achieving 99% budget implementation and accomplishing 96% of its work programme, the agency played a crucial role in advancing the objectives of the 2021-27 EU OSH Strategic Framework.

Highlights of 2022 include the research on digitalisation, a foresight study on the Circular Economy, and the successful conclusion of the "Lighten the Load" campaign on musculoskeletal disorders. Furthermore, the OSH Pulse survey shed light on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, while preparations for the Workers' Exposure Survey on cancer risk factors progressed.

All in all, the results for key performance indicators are positive across all activities and the agency's ambitious targets were achieved to a large extent.


Read the complete Consolidated Annual Activity Report for 2022 or browse the executive summary

Check out the infographic highlighting the achieved key performance indicators in 2022