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Celebrating OiRA’s 10th anniversary in Latvia: spotlight on digital tools to manage OSH!



EU-OSHA's Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools in Latvia are celebrating their 10th anniversary! To celebrate this milestone, our focal point in the country, Valsts darba inspekcija, is organising a hybrid event on 29 May dedicated to exploring the realm of digital tools for workplace risk assessment. 

Speakers, experts and representatives from various Latvian public and private institutions, as well as companies and EU-OSHA, are coming together to emphasise the importance of conducting comprehensive risk assessments. During the event, the spotlight will be on the opportunities offered by digital tools, including OiRA. 

The event offers participants the possibility to engage in discussions surrounding the practical application of digital solutions to improve OSH management within companies. Notably, a major company in the country will share their real-life success story, shedding light on how they successfully transitioned to a digitalised OSH management system. 

Insights from five surveys on work conditions and risks in Latvia are also added to the programme, allowing attendees to gain valuable perspectives. 

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