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Belgium develops two new OiRA tools for the cleaning industry


The FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue in collaboration with the CSC, the FGTB and the UGBN, has developed two new OiRA tools in French and in Dutch language to keep improving the working conditions of workers employed in the cleaning industry.


Workers in the professional cleaning sector perform their duties in different work environments, as well as in a wide range of buildings and surfaces. Therefore, the types of risks to which they are exposed not only relate to the specific job they are doing, but are also caused by specific situations in the working premises. 

In Belgium, approximately 49, 000 people work in the professional cleaning sector, thus a very important sector for the Belgian economy. The OiRA cleaning tool helps companies identify and assess workplace hazards and risks and it also gives tips for ergonomics, equipment and personal protective equipment. More tools are expected to be developed in Belgium across 2017 for other sectors. 

The OiRA tool for the cleaning industry will be presented by experts and top civil servants to the social partners, intermediaries and sector members, as well as to all relevant OSH stakeholders during a seminar which is taking place in Brussels on 03 May 2017. A press release will also be launched to announce the development of the tools.

More information in Dutch and in French

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