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The 7th OiRA community meeting will be held in Brussels on May 16 - 17 2017


The next meeting of the Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) Community will take place in Brussels on May 16-17, 2017.  The event, which is jointly organised by EU-OSHA and the European Commission for the first time, will consist of two distinct components with their respective agendas.

The sessions of the first day will focus on the OiRA national partners and the challenges they face ahead. Key issues will be examined and discussed, including the allocation of assurance resources, the adaptation of tools to national contexts, the enhacement of the OiRA community, as well as ways to better reach their target audience (MSEs).

On the second day, the European Commission and EU-OSHA are jointly convening a conference, broadening the participation to include interested parties outside of the existing community. The purpose will be to assess the tools, highlighting its added value and its contribution to improve OSH standards, and to share knowledge and good practice.

The conference will also include discussions on the specific needs of MSEs and the best way to address them by using the tools. It is also expected to attract new partners, researchers, potential OiRA intermediaries and future stakeholders. The outcomes of this meeting should help EU-OSHA to fine-tune its role and to reassess the support given to the national OiRA partners. 

More information will be available soon

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