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Which future of regulation and policy for the prevention of psychsocial risks in the EU

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CIECST – The International Research Chair in Comparative Studies on Occupational Health; EAOHP – European Academy for Occupational Health Psychology; ETUI – European Trade Union Institute.


Psychosocial risks at work (PSR) are increasing dramatically in the EU and are a reality of today we cannot set aside anymore. There are potential negative impacts on both workers in terms of their mental and physical health notably due to overwork, bullying and harassment, lack of autonomy, social isolation, job insecurity, and work-related stress, especially since the Covid19 pandemic, and on organizations, in terms of reduced performance and sustainability. The cost caused by PSR is primarily human, social and economic.

This new landscape needs to be considered in order to meet the objective of the framework directive 391/89 to take into account the protection of health “in all aspects related to work” and to respond to the principle whereby “improvement of workers’ safety, hygiene and health at work is an objective which should not be subordinated to purely economic considerations.” Furthermore, it is important to do so while addressing the protection of workers’ health and safety as a fundamental human right.

The aim of the conference is to take stock of and address “Which future of regulation and policy for the prevention of psychosocial risks in the EU?”. It will do so by bringing together researchers, EU decision-makers, practitioners and other relevant stakeholders in order to encourage the constructive exchange of their perspectives on the subject.

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