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Unveiling invisible workplace hazards: Seminar on occupational cancer in Estonia

Event Details

Labour Inspectorate of Estonia (Tööinspektsioon)


EU-OSHA’s focal point in Estonia, Labour Inspectorate of Estonia (Tööinspektsioon), is organising an engaging and informative seminar aimed at creating a safer work environment!

Occupational safety and health (OSH) practitioners, human resources professionals and representatives from state institutions will discover the importance of cancer prevention in the workplace and gain valuable insights into identifying and handling dangerous substances and carcinogens.

This event is designed to raise awareness on the risks associated with hazardous chemicals. It will explore key requirements, best practices and potential violations while hearing real-life examples from an experienced oncologist. A Napo film on carcinogens will be screened.

This is an opportunity to enhance knowledge on occupational cancer prevention and contribute to a healthier future for all workers. 


  • Peep Peterson, Former Minister of Social Affairs and Healthcare


  • Kaire Saarep, Director-General of the Labour Inspectorate
  • Gültšara Karajeva, Head of Nursing, Centre for Occupational Diseases and Health, North-Estonian Regional Hospital
  • Karina Bikmurzina, Senior Labour Inspector of the Labour Inspectorate
  • Kaire Innos, Research Director, National Institute for Health Development
  • Dr. Kertu Kuldsaar, Senior Lecturer, Department of Haematology-Oncology, University of Tartu Hospital