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"Symposium - designing interactive work" at the DASA exhibition on the world of work

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Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (b a u a)


The symposium - "designing interactive work" will take place on June 20th-21st 2022 at the DASA exhibition on the world of work in Dortmund. It is the central event of the meta-project InWiGe of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

It takes place within the framework of the BMBF funding priority "Working on and with people" and is supported by EU-OSHA.

The focus is on the topic of interactive work. InWiGe understands this to mean a special form of work: the work on and with people - independent of the profession or sector in which it is carried out.

Interactive work is associated with specific requirements for employees as well as special design requirements for employers.

The aim of the event is to increase the visibility of the topic, to contribute to the debate in terms of content and to strengthen it. At the same time, this is a networking event for the actors of the funding priority and beyond - nationally and internationally for science, politics and practice. The third core is formed by the results and products from the 18 collaborative projects of the funding priority, which will be presented and discussed.

Information on the funding priority, the projects and the topic can be found on the website of the InWiGe meta-project: www.intearktionsarbeit.de