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Small Safety Event: an engaging and informative addition to the NL.Safety-Expo  

Event Details

TNO Prevention, Work & Health


The importance of safety and risk management has been brought to the forefront by the NL.Safety-Expo, an exhibition, training experience centre and safety trade fair, all under one roof.  

The Expo aims to offer an engaging and enlightening experience to attendees, demonstrating the means by which risks can be mitigated and harm minimised through simulations. It also serves as a dynamic hub fostering the transfer of knowledge and expertise among individuals of different ages, bridging the gap between professionals, businesses and educational institutions.   

As part of the Expo, our focal point in the Netherlands, TNO Prevention, Work & Health, along with Dutch Safety Institute (NLVI) is set to host a ‘Small Safety Event’. The event will be presenting EU-OSHA’s work as well as feature NAPO films. 

Those taking part can also anticipate gaining valuable insights into risk recognition and identification, among other aspects, and participating in several activities, including a networking session. 

Admission to the NL.Safety Expo is complimentary, thanks to the support of ambassadors and partners, and it is open to professionals and stakeholders engaged in RI&E (Risk Inventory and Evaluation) as well as ARBO (ArbeidsOmstandigheden or Working Conditions).   


  • Raymond Bekker, Managing Director, Chem Consult BV 


  • Peter Boeijer, Consultant, Coach, Adviser, Supervisor, Auditor and Assessor in Quality and Safety Management Systems, BoBAP 
  • Henk Zeegelaar, Safety expert specialising in information management in the field of Occupational Safety, 4Qualis 
  • Gilles van Zweeden, one of the best-known Safety Experts in the Netherlands with a network of more than 17500 Arbo connections and 50 years of experience, NLVI