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Simplifying workplace safety: Introducing an e-tool for hazardous chemicals management and the EU Roadmap on Carcinogens

Event Details

State Labour Inspectorate /Valstybinė darbo inspekcija


An informative event centred around critical workplace concerns involving hazardous chemicals organised by EU-OSHA’s focal point in Lithuania, State Labour Inspectorate /Valstybinė darbo inspekcija, is set to take place on 21 September.

This online gathering will shed light on key issues related to hazardous chemical agents within the workplace environment. This event is tailored to benefit small and medium enterprises, work safety specialists and experts seeking insights into effective chemical management practices and regulatory compliance.

A notable highlight of the event will be the presentation of a collaborative e-tool developed with EU-OSHA experts, with the aim of streamlining the management of hazardous chemicals in workplaces. Additionally, the presentation will delve into the EU roadmap designed to address cancer risks arising from exposure to carcinogens at work, as part of the ‘Roadmap on Carcinogens’ project. 


  • Gediminas Valentėlis, Chief Labour Inspector, Division of Occupational Safety and Health, State Labour Inspectorate (SLI) 
  • Nerita Šot, EU-OSHA Lithuanian Focal Point Coordinator, Senior Specialist, Occupational Safety and Health Division, VDI 
  • Algirdas Minikauskas, Occupational Safety and Environmental Engineer, UAB Hydro Extrusion Lithuania, owner of a consulting firm