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Safer working with carcinogens through awareness, inspection and company culture

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The Hague
TNO Prevention, Work & Health


Each year, about 120,000 work-related cancer cases occur as a result of exposure to carcinogens at work in the EU, leading to approximately 80,000 fatalities annually. Due to the serious consequences of exposure to carcinogens, it is important that standards and practices around their handling during production processes are constantly monitored and improved.

TNO Prevention, Work & Health runs the second expert seminar on Process-Generated Carcinogens (PGCs). It builds on three topics identified in the first seminar that can help reduce exposure to hazardous substances: awareness, inspection and monitoring, and safe company culture. Alongside breakout sessions on these topics, there is also a presentation from Austrian experts on their inspection campaign into silica dust.

This event in the Hague on 11 April is aimed at safety and health workers in industrial production industries and stakeholders in the field of hazardous substances.


  • Amber Vernooij, Junior Scientist Innovator at TNO Prevention, Work & Health
  • Marie Meima, Researcher at TNO Prevention, Work & Health
  • Wouter Fransman, Researcher Exposure Assessment Specialist at TNO Prevention, Work & Health
  • Gerlinde Ziniel, Research Manager at Eurofound
  • Plus other speakers


Name: Jos DE LANGE

Email: Organisatie-TNO-FocalPointNederland@tno.nl