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Safely managing hazardous substances to prevent work-related diseases in Malta

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OHSA-MT – Occupational Health and Safety Authority


Occupational diseases are varied and can arise due to various factors. Among the significant risks across sectors are chemical agents and otherhazardous substances, which can contribute to the development of numerous disorders.

To raise awareness and address the multi-level impact that occupational diseases have on workers, Malta’s Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OHSA-MT), EU-OSHA’s focal point in the country, is organising a webinar on this crucial topic.

The event will primarily focus on promoting the safe use and management of these substances, along with effective methods for conducting risk assessments. The speakers will also present different pieces of legislation adopted by the EU to safeguard workers: the ‘Protection of Workers from the Risks related to Exposure to Asbestos at Work’ as well as the ‘Protection related to Exposure to Carcinogens or Mutagens at Work’ directives.

The webinar will be available on OHSA-MT’s YouTube channel, allowing wider accessibility for interested participants.


  • Valerie Vella


  • Mr Joseph Cremona, OHS Officer II - OHSA MT
  • Mr Clinton Cachia, Principal OHS Officer- OHSA MT
  • Dr Melhino Mercieca, Senior Manager - OHSA MT