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Safeguarding workplaces: Chemical risks and regulatory updates in Bulgaria

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Ministry of Labour and Social Policy


Dangerous substances are present in the workplace, but are we equipped to manage them safely?

The Bulgarian Association of Industrial Capital, along with our focal point Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, is hosting a seminar focusing on the critical topics of risks arising when working with chemical agents, as well as new legislation on remote work.  

The event seeks to provide a platform for representatives from labour organisations and decision makers to converge and exchange insights on effectively managing the risks associated with working with chemical substances and carcinogens. Given the inherent risks posed by these agents, safeguarding the health of workers and the environment requires attention and proactive measures.

The second part of the activity will focus on remote work, an increasingly common work arrangement which allows flexibility but also poses challenges to occupational safety and health (OSH). The experts will shed light on related updates in labour regulations and regulatory frameworks ruling OSH conditions for this type of work. This is in line with the upcoming priority area of EU-OSHA's ‘Safe and healthy work in the digital age’ campaign, striving for safe workplace digitalisation.


  • Dr. Petya Georeva, OSH and Occupational Medicine Specialist


  • Mr. Dobrin Ivanov, Executive Director of the Association of Industrial capital in Bulgaria
  • Mrs. Ekaterina Asenova, Executive Director "General Labour Inspectorate"  
  • Prof. Dr. Kiril Karamfilov, MD, Head of the Cardiology Clinic, UMBAL "Alexandrovska" EAD
  • Mrs. Irena Dimitrova, Human Resources Director, "Elhim-Iskra" AD
  • Eng. Lazar Kovacki, "Occupational Medicine" Ltd.
  • Eng. Galya Petrova, Manager, Fraport Bulgaria