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Romania - Campaign-launching press conference and national network meeting on dangerous substances and risk prevention

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This press conference and national networking meeting launches the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances 2018-19 campaign in Romania. It aims to draw attention to the campaign’s themes, key messages and upcoming national activities.

Speakers, including Tim Tregenza from EU-OSHA, focus on dangerous substances in workplaces across Europe and the importance of establishing a prevention culture. They stress that everyone dealing with dangerous substances must be aware of the hazards and be committed to preventing the risks associated with them.

Finally, speakers offer an overview of the available e-tools that support risk assessment and the management of dangerous substances and share the results of a statistical report on OSH in Romania.


  • Ioana Georgiana Nicolescu, National Focal Point Manager, Institutul Naţional de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Protecţia Muncii ''Alexandru Darabont'', București (INCDPM)
  • Tim Tregenza, Network Manager, EU-OSHA
  • Anca Pricop, Head of OSH Department, Ministry of Labour and Social Justice
  • Bogdan Iuliu Hossu, President, ‘Cartel Alfa’ National Trade-Union Confederation
  • Carmen Bușneag, National Secretary, International Commission on Occupational Health
  • Dantes Nicolae Bratu, Inspector-General of State, Labour Inspection
  • Doru Costin Darabont, Director-General, INCDPM
  • Niculae Voinoiu, Director of OSH Direction, Labour Inspection 
  • Theodor Hărătău, Director, ENWHP/Romtens National Contact Point