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Radio broadcast on workplace carcinogens in Latvia

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Valsts darba inspekcija


A radio programme addressing carcinogens at work is taking place in Latvia organised by our national focal point in the country Valsts darba inspekcija. The discussion aims to shed light on various aspects related to occupational cancers and dangerous substances.

The key points to be covered during the broadcast include the estimated proportion of cancers attributable to occupational exposures. Additionally, experts will discuss the most common workplace carcinogens, raising awareness about these hazardous substances and their potential risks to workers' health.

Listeners will hear about the specific industries and workplaces where these carcinogens are more common. Strategies for controlling and managing these carcinogens will also be explored, emphasising the importance of effective risk management practices and preventive measures.

The discussion will also highlight the respective roles and responsibilities of employers and employees in ensuring a safe and healthy work environment. 


  • Linda Matisāne, State Labour Inspectorate / FoP Latvia
  • Ivars Vanadziņš, Associate professor, Director of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health of Riga Stradins University
  • Jolanta Geduša, Senior OSH expert, Ministry of Welfare