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Preventing injuries and accidents from constrained postures and repetitive movements

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Zoo conference centre
Tööinspektsioon (Estonian Labour Inspectorate)


<p id="tmgmt-1">Almost two thirds of EU workers report being exposed to repetitive hand and arm movements, and a quarter to vibrations from tools — significant <a href="https://healthy-workplaces.eu/en&quot; data-titlebm="&lt;p&gt;Occupational risk refers to the likelihood and the severity of an injury or an illness occurring as a result of exposure to a hazard.&lt;/p&gt;" data="" class="lexicon-term">risk</a> factors for work-related neck and upper limb disorders. The <a href="https://healthy-workplaces.eu/en/campaign-partners/labour-inspectorate-…; target="_self">Estonian focal point</a> is holding a series of events to address these issues.</p>
<p id="tmgmt-2">The awareness-raising events inform workers and employees about how to assess and analyse constrained <a href="https://healthy-workplaces.eu/en&quot; data-titlebm="&lt;p&gt;Posture is the position of the body’s head, trunk, and limbs. An active posture requires the coordinated action of many muscles and structures within the body. Active postures can be either static or dynamic.&lt;/p&gt;" data="" class="lexicon-term">postures</a> and repetitive movements in the workplace, as well as how to prevent work accidents and injuries. A local company also shares a practical example of how they are preventing injuries and accidents related to constrained postures and repetitive movements.</p>
<p id="tmgmt-3">This third and final event of the series is taking place at Tallinn zoo conference centre with around 75 people from local companies participating, along with various OSH experts and labour inspectors.</p>
<p id="tmgmt-4"><strong>Speakers:</strong></p>
<ul id="tmgmt-5"><li>Maret Maripuu, Director General of the Labor Inspectorate (alternatively Kristal Plangi, Head of Information and External Relations at the Labor Inspectorate)</li>
<li>Silja Soon, Head of the Supervision Department at the Estonian Labour Inspectorate (alternatively Piret Kaljula, OSH consultant at the Estonian Labour Inspectorate)</li>
<li>Karin Sarapuu, Occupational Health Doctor</li>

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