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Presenting EU-OSHA’s projects in the Netherlands

Event Details

The Hague
TNO Prevention, Work & Health


On 19 October, several experts from EU-OSHA, including our Interim Executive Director, William Cockburn, will participate in a series of events in the Netherlands. These events will bring together key representatives from the Agency, our Dutch focal point TNO Prevention, Work & Health, national authorities and workers’ and employers’ associations.

The seminars have been organised to deepen the understanding of the role and mission of EU-OSHA, along with its various projects and initiatives. These include the results of the European Survey of Enterprises on New and Emerging Risks (ESENER) in the Netherlands as well as the ongoing Workers’ exposure survey on Cancer Risk Factors in Europe and the Roadmap on Carcinogens, aiming at identifying and raising awareness about work-related cancer in EU workplaces. Additionally, the activities on supporting compliance with OSH regulations and the priority topic of psychosocial risks at work will be explored.

The highlight of the day will be the presentation of EU-OSHA’s OSH Barometer, the public information system providing facts and figures on occupational safety and health at both the EU and national levels.


  • Hanneke van den Bout, Director Healthy and Safe Working, Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Tanja Wesselius, Management Team Member Healthy and Safe Working and Board Member, EU-OSHA


  • Mr. William Cockburn, Interim Executive Director, EU-OSHA
  • Tim Tregenza, Senior Network Manager, EU-OSHA
  • Annick Starren, Project Manager, EU-OSHA
  • Martin den Held, Ministry SZW 
  • Julie Kramer, Ministry SZW 
  • Wim van Veelen, Workers Association
  • Mario van Mierlo, Employers Association
  • Jos de Lange, Amber Vernooij, TNO, Dutch Focal Point