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Networking event of the G7 OSH institutions – Climate Change meets Occupational Safety and Health

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Congress Centre of the IAG Koenigsbruecker Landstr. 2 01109 Dresden GERMANY
Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs – G7 Germany 2022


Climate change and its various effects will be major challenges for the international community in the near future. Climate change is comprehensive, affecting both, private life and work. It will have a significant impact on working conditions. Owing to global warming, we will be working and producing under changed climatic conditions throughout the world. This cannot only entail a decline in productivity, but above all considerable risks for occupational safety and health. Heat stress, ultraviolet radiation and an increased spread of vectors carrying infectious diseases due to higher average temperatures already pose real threats. At the same time, climate change is increasing the likelihood of extreme weather events such as floods, storms, droughts and heat waves. The influence of chemical substances (especially hazardous substances), for example in the growing recycling industry, new raw material extraction and the field of renewable energy, also need to be taken into account.

These risks have a clear impact on the safety and health of workers in numerous sectors. In order to specify these challenges more precisely and to identify suitable measures for enabling occupational activities to remain feasible under the changed conditions, it is necessary to identify and address research gaps at an international level.

Ensuring occupational safety and health in times of climate change in a green economy are of high priority for the German G7 presidency in the Employment Track. Therefore, the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) and the Institutes of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) seek to address relevant topics in a networking event.

This networking event will be a platform to discuss climate change-related challenges, research results, lessons-learned and solutions for a healthy and safe work in times of climate change on an international level.

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